Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot For LEW Performance

Photographer: Tim Butler-Jones

Stylist: Melissa Fergusson

Talent: Laura Ehlen-Wilson

MUA: Rebecca Alexander

Location: Good Fellas Fitness

Wardrobe: Lululemon, Nike, NZ Boxer

Yelping At ‘The Shelter’

What a great venue for a ‘Yelp Elite’ event! I always wondered what would become of the rundown commercial laundry in Mackelvie Street – newly transformed ‘The Shelter’ is resident to Blend cafe & fashion brands: Children of Vision, Taylor, Mobi, Otsu & Tokyo Bikes to name a few temptations. Drew & Sarah Duff-Dobson told us their story behind Blend Cafe: lovers of great coffee selling Smith blend which is Fair-Trade or Rainforest Alliance sold in compostable cups! On our arrival, all Yelpers were offered cocktails either Smith coffee, bourbon & orange and/or Smith coffee, Cointreau, orange & egg white. Whoa! The gorgeous fare was supplied by ‘Bird on a Wire': selection of Asian salad with a peanut sauce, raw vegetables with Dahl and I missed out on the chicken, unfortunately! Incredible ambiance in the courtyard which was chic, urban & wholesome. Inspirational event – which is the first Yelp event showcasing local startup (entrepreneurial) business’s in the Auckland Central community. Yelp!


Best 3 Cafes In Central Auckland


What a find! Bunker cafe is hidden away – just off Great North Road – not the easiest place to find, however when you do: bliss. I personally love ‘hard to find’ quirky, urban cafes that don’t do conventional. ‘Bunker Cafe’ is just that; a converted container surrounded by designer bean bags, wooden benches, pews and a concrete garden. Atomic coffee is on offer, along with oversized sweet & savoury brioche, gourmet pies, sweet fare and gastronomic European sandwiches filled with a multitude of choices. I decided on the bacon & egg ciabatta that was winking at me. Everything is takeaway: served on disposable plates. Service is fabulous and personable. Parking is scarce. Ambience is a writer’s dream. You better go now before everyone knows about it!



BIG fan – not sure why I have not been here before as its in my neighbourhood! Located on the corner of Great North Rd & Williamson Ave, it’s central Grey Lynn. The space is modern, bright and inviting. As I approached the counter, the barista was beaming as she asked “how are you?” Fantastic: personable, engaging and gives’ a sh*t. Some cafes are just too busy to care – “Kokako” does care. The cabinet food looked fresh, appetising and healthy with all the usual options available: berry muffins, scummy sandwiches & other mouth-watering treats. Reasonably priced from $4.50. I was looking forward to the coffee, of course. It didn’t disappoint – my triple shot flat white. The cafe was extremely busy for a morning weekday; that explains a lot. Very impressed with this flagship cafe: “Kokako”!

Lot 23

Lot 23 is a place that you may read about in ‘Viva'; then make the (conscious) decision to visit, before it’s everyone’s hang-out.
Located in Minnie Street, Eden Terrace which happens to be where TVNZ ‘Step Dave’s’ (blue) house is situated!
As you enter the space: walls are filled with the latest art curated by Natalie Tozer, concrete floor, wooden old-school chairs, complimented with a super-slick white interior that acts as a great canvas for everything art!
The menu is delectable: ‘Ugly bagels’ topped with lashings of cream cheese, capers and fresh salmon, daily soup choice/s, croissant filled with Camembert, tomato and ham off the bone, ‘Baghdad eggs’ and coconut ice!
Every mouthful is ‘gastronomy’ and flavoursome. I particularly love the ‘Brazilian coffee’ that stimulates the senses – like coffee should. I can’t get enough of Lot 23.


WHORE Films: Indiegogo

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‘Illegal Migrant’ (12 min film)

She hails from Brazil. Arrived in NZ on a tourist visa in the hope of finding love or a good job. Instead she resorts to sex work sleeping with both straight & bisexual men. She has one friend who she confides in and lives in fear of being deported.

‘Underage Sex Worker’ (12 min film)

She is 15, skeletal from poor diet and is a runaway from Northland. She has been taken away by CYF (Child Youth & Family) many times; lived in foster care and been molested by her step-father for 2 years, who is a junkie.

‘Transgender’ (12 min film)

Unaccepted by her Samoan family, she started working as a sex worker as she thought it would be fun. She receives a lot of attention from her clients who make her feel special. She is homeless, sleeps with men unprotected for…

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Interview With LEW High Performance: Laura Ehlen-Wilson

Laura has worked as a Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer for 15 years; specialising in Plyometric Training, Pilates, Functional Training & Injury Rehabilitation. In 2014 Laura worked with 3 NRL teams for the Auckland NRL 9’s tournament, New Zealand Warriors League team, New Zealand Kiwis Junior, Seniors Rugby League 4 Nations; England Rugby team while in NZ.

1. When did you discover your love of fitness?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life, even as a child. I come from a very active family: very outdoorsy doing water sports and other activities. Both my brother and I were extremely competitive in sports – as children.
I learnt to push my body very young.
Selected for Scottish junior squad: competitive sprinter and also trained to represent the UK in Heptathlon. Former Sprint Champion.

2. Is being a PT your dream job? If so, why?

I love my job. It’s so unique to have the privilege to transform people’s lives. That could be by something small, like a change in someone’s mind-set. The fact that I work in a multi-disciplinary way with my clients varying from being a sports injury therapist or alternatively functional training to strengthening and conditioning work. Most of my clients (around 60-70%) are professional athletes; I have many other incredible clients that are transforming their lives along with mine.

3. What are your challenges as a personal trainer?

My biggest challenge is to be a great trainer; while also working as an injury rehabilitation therapist, in turn juggling my ‘family life’ which is the ultimate challenge.

4. What sort of people do you train? Athletes? Normal people?

My work involves many different people however I work a lot with teams, sporting organisations and individual athletes both for sports injury therapy and conditioning training. I particularly love working with up-and-coming athletes. The difference I can make to impact their careers is extensive. I love that challenge to work with athletes under crazy time constraints. I also train with corporates and regular people who all have personal goals to get fit, while developing a healthier self; transforming mind and body.

5. Is diet just as important as exercise to reach fitness goals, do you think?

Nutrition impacts on every aspect of our being. Be that physical, spiritual, emotional or otherwise. Everything starts with feeding our body that is the basic fundamental of life. Crack that formula and you’re onto a winner. Nutrition affects everything, not just our physical state but our emotional and cognitive ability.

6. Who would you really like to work with – name anyone?

There is not one individual I think I must work with. People always intrigue me. We all have special talents; it’s about empowering people to have the strength to be their best.

7. Are all your clients victorious?

Victory is in the ‘eye’ of the beholder – always.

8. What is your favourite brand of shoes and sports attire?

I have a few favourites: Nike for general training; Asics for running and NBand Adidas
for cross-training. As for clothing: Lululemon, Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

9. In your opinion – does exercise give you ‘quality of life’?

Yes – without question fitness gives you ‘quality of life’. Our bodies were designed to move. Without movement there can be no life on a microscopic level, or on a global level.

10. What makes you smile?

First and foremost my 3 children. However people in general – I admire people. I love the sound of people’s voices.
When I need to decompress and recharge – nothing bets water. I find it very cleansing. Fresh running water: the ocean or a stream. It brings calmness to my fast paced life.
It’s about balance. When we are happy (inside and out) – we smile without thinking.